Episode #28

A discussion of (G)race with Propaganda

(Part 1 of 2)

I just returned from an awesome trip to the GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles. I had an awesome time on the west coast enjoying the best of this year’s music. I even had the incredible privilege of attending the MusiCares dinner honoring Tom Petty, which absolutely blew my mind. However, the real highlight of my trip was connecting with Hip Hop artist, poet, and spoken word ninja, Propaganda

Race and the Church panel discussion from the Catalyst Conference.

On the Podcast, I often bounce between marketing, faith, sports, and even local politics, but an issue about which I a most passionate is the issue of race in America, more specifically Grace and race, where faith and race intersect in our culture.

I first saw Propaganda at the Catalyst Conference this last fall, and was absolutely blown away by his insights, perspective, and artistry. I knew I wanted to connect with him for the Podcast, but he is a busy man. We talked about connecting over Skype, but with as Propaganda is an LA native, I took advantage of the Grammy trip, and my extra ticket, to connect with Propaganda in person.

If you listen to this podcast with an open mind, I know it can help you see a perspective that you just might miss. He talks about issues that, unfortunately, far too many pastors are unwilling to address from the pulpit.

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