Episode #26

Wright for Roswell

I know many of us are worn out after a contentious presidential election. But, I have a mission over the coming weeks. I want to help get my friends and neighbors inspired to get connected in their local politics, where their voice can make a tremendous difference.

We need you and your engagement.

Now, it’s not unusual for me to mix in Roswell issues into the TAISPEAK podcast and blogs throughout the year, but they’re usually with the principal, or football coach, police chief or mayor.

In the next 2 episodes, I sit down with two candidates that are running for city council in our upcoming special election on March 21st. In this episode, I’ll speak with Shawn Wright and in my next episode, I’ll speak with Marie Willsey. I hope to give you a little more insight into the candidates than you might get from just a yard sign, and hopefully help you become a more informed, engaged citizen.

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