As I was getting started on the TAISPEAK podcast, most of my episodes featured male entrepreneurs and successful businessmen. However, I've made a commitment to highlight great female leaders as well. Over the coming weeks, I'm working to alternate between male and female guests because the stories of inspirational female leaders are just as, if not a tiny bit more, inspiring than the male examples.

Here are a few great female leaders I've featured:

For my latest episode, I sat down with Wendy Brigode. Wendy is a serial entrepreneur with an incredible track record of success. She began her professional career as Linda Ronstadt's personal stylist, and then built a multi-million dollar jewelry empire, all from her garage. Today, she's created a new fashion line poised to take the world by storm.

In our conversation, we discuss her career trajectory, the power of influencer targeting, knowing when to invest in yourself, and the challenges of navigating a new, noisier professional landscape. For science geeks, we also took a brief rabbit trail into a debate over the lack of innovation in aeronautics since the Concorde. 

Some of Wendy Brigode's Jewelry

Some of Wendy Brigode's new fashion line: Sugar Candy Mountain

(From www.wendybrigode.com)

Ever since her beginnings in Hollywood as a personal stylist for Linda Ronstadt, Wendy has been aware of her fascination with color, shape and textures. After applying her eye as an interior designer for a number of Hollywood notables, she focused her design skills and artistic abilities on creating a distinctive line of jewelry that captured the sense of the early '90s.

Today, to create her designs, she combines her sensibilities about women and their adornments. This has yielded some special pieces that compliment and enhance the individual beauty of the women who wear them. “I believe that every woman has her own organic palette of color, form and texture - and my designs reflect the ability to mix and match color and light in stones, beads and pearls, to bring out the best qualities of each individual.”

Today her "Tin Cup" pearls, with their signature spacing, is one of the most popular, and often imitated items of jewelry in the world, still. “ My pieces are contemporary and stylish, yet highly romantic and collectable.”

“It is, and has been, a wonderful pleasure to design for women the world over that appreciate what I love doing.”

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