For my latest podcast, I sat down with Scott McNabb, the Vice President of Global Sales for Marketing Automation Systems at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Scott is an accomplished public speaker, leader, and teacher who has a passion for culture and servant leadership.

In our engaging interview, Scott shares about the profound impact his childhood mentor Truett Cathy had on shaping him to the customer centric leader he has become. Scott is passionate about continuing that legacy of mentorship with a new generation of rising leaders at Oracle

Scott McNabb is a firm believer in the challenger sale model where salespeople focus on listening to customers' pain points, ask probing questions, and provide meaningful solutions focusing on relationship, solving problems and adding value to their clients. Through his professional journey, Scott has developed his own framework for transforming company cultures into 7 leadership principles.

Scott McNabb's 7 Leadership Principles

  • Hire smart.
  • Coach your team with passion.
  • Hold everyone accountable.
  • Execute to the plan.
  • Embrace a franchise mentality. (Own your business on the local level)
  • Integrity in all things.
  • Focus on servant leadership.

Scott McNabb outlines Oracle's perspectives on the challenges of the CMO.

A must-watch for any aspiring salesperson.

One of Scott McNabb's favorite quotes.

One of Scott McNabb's favorite quotes.

I hope you enjoy this engaging podcast, a must-listen for any salesperson, marketer, or leader.

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