For this episode, I sat down with Jerome Huff, Principal at Roswell High School. We discussed his leadership journey, the challenges of leading a staff of over 100 with a student body of over 2000, and the role he plays in shaping young hearts and minds.

For about 10 years after I graduated high school, I would have a recurring nightmare that I had missed a class my senior year, my diploma had been revoked, and I would need to do another year at high school. I would wake up in a cold sweat. When I was in high school, I was very eager to get out and start my real life. What I might have missed in my eagerness to get out of high school and enter the real world. is that high school is the real world. When you talk about a school the size of RHS, it becomes a microcosm for the entire community.

Now, my life  has come full circle. I have 2 students at the same high school from which I graduated, Roswell High School. We're at the high school almost daily for practices or forgotten lunches, and for the apex of our week, Friday Night Lights at Ray Manus Stadium.  I always have a smile when I'm at RHS, and I believe I've identified the source.

Principal Jerome Huff has a contagious energy and optimism. He is a strong leader who balances care for his staff and students with measured discretion and fairness. He genuinely cares about the students and faculty he serves. I hope you enjoy this deep dive into Jerome's background, guiding philosophies, and leadership journey.

Tai's Takeaways:

  • Pursue your passion.
  • Serve your team.
  • Inspire those around you.
  • Look for the root cause of bad behavior.
  • Balance fairness and compassion.
  • Don't hide your emotions.