For episode # 15, I sat down with Tammy Hurt, the Managing Partner of Placement Music and the President of Georgia Music Partners. We discuss her passion for music, her leadership journey, and how she is working tirelessly to create future opportunity for Georgia's creative community.

Georgia Music Partners exists because we believe that music – hearing music, creating music, studying music – matters to the people of Georgia, to our communities, in our schools, and for our economy. Because of that core belief, we want to help Georgia’s music industry grow to become one of the country’s biggest and best. We are determined to turn up the volume of Georgia Music in four strategic areas:

  • More local job opportunities in music
  • More state-of-the-art facilities in which to create music
  • More music-related revenue opportunities in adjacent industries
  • More future homegrown talent fostered through more music in our schools
Join Georgia Music Partners as we raise awareness of the music presence in Georgia. Go to: www.georgiamusicpartners.org for more information and to give to our fundraising campaign. More information about the campaign - http://bit.ly/GMPSupport Contribute - http://bit.ly/GMPSupport http://www.GeorgiaMusicPartners.org Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/GaMusicPartners Facebook: Facebook.com/gamusicpartners

Some Takeaways from our discussion:

  • Follow your passion.
  • Turn your passion into profit.
  • Serve others.
  • Create a lasting legacy.
  • Stay focused on your goals.
  • Invite others to join your mission.