Renee Walsh is the founder and CEO of Wiithyu, a web-based app solution serving the modern bride. Wiithyu brings an easy, fun project management solution to an over $300 billion dollar industry, weddings and wedding planning. In our conversation, Renee talks about the courage to start her own venture, building a brand with personality, and leaving a legacy of joy! Her company is brand new, but she is launching with a bang with a beautiful, engaging website and customer-focused solution.

Welcome to Wiithyu! We're a team of wedding enthusiasts dedicated to helping you plan your best day ever, together!
We've designed Wiithyu to be simple to user and even simpler to set up. All you have to do is purchase, invite and plan!

Some highlights from our conversation...

  • Overcoming fear

  • Finding your Purpose

  • Being a woman CEO

  • Building a brand with personality

  • Being your own customer

  • Focusing on service

  • Living your passion

  • Leaving a legacy of joy

Renee's personality is contagious. I felt joy just speaking with her today, and you will too! Leave a comment with any lessons you learned from Renee.