Episode #22

Leadership Lessons From A UGA Legend

Rennie Curran is a UGA legend. Recruited right out of Brookwood High School, Rennie went on to be one of the most punishing linebackers in UGA history. By his junior season, he led the entire SEC with 116 tackles. You can read up on all of Rennie's stats here, but there is more to Rennie Curran than just stats.

Rennie is the son of Liberian refugees who fled a war-torn African nation to pursue the American dream. Rennie grew up in challenging circumstances, but in a family that never wanted for love and commitment to their faith and one another.

Rennie Curran is an author and public speaker committed to giving back to his community and leaving a lasting leadership legacy. For all my Roswell fans, I did my best to win him over to our Hornets, but I just couldn't make the sale!

In our conversation, Rennie shares some of his life story, and how he is now leveraging his gridiron experience to help build better leaders and collaborators in the business world.