If you're leading a team of any size, you need to get your teammates on board and maximize output. In this podcast episode, I speak with Eric Johnson, the founder and managing partner of McLauchlin Group Consulting. In our conversation, we take some complicated cultural and team dynamics and break it down to a simple framework you can put into practice today!

Eric identifies how leadership trends have shifted from Command-and-Control to what he refers to as a Control-and-Control leadership style. Neither of these leadership styles inspire engagement or broad ownership of ideas, strategies or implementation plans within the organization and won’t produce aspirational outcomes in the long term.

Eric breaks down an approach to leadership he employs within his consulting engagement. He calls it the Climate Control leadership approach, where the leader cultivates an environment of authentic engagement and organic alignment among key stakeholders and cross-functional teams that results in the best outcomes. 

How/when do you get engagement from your team?

How/when do you get engagement from your team?

Climate Control leaders focus on the ‘people process’ instead of forcing their version of the project solution or implementation plans through the organization. Eric shares how this model can be adopted by any leader using a simple framework that focuses on three critical activities:

  1. identifying key stakeholders,
  2. authentic and proactive engagement,
  3. creating environments where stakeholders can organically align around the best solution or strongest implementation plans.

In the course of our discussion, we discover a fundamental spiritual truth that our best collaborations are a glimpse of the divine.