Taylor Swift For President

By Tai Anderson, October 31, 2016

As the 2016 Presidential Election enters its final week, more and more Americans are expressing their frustration with both major party candidates. My Facebook feed is full of articles from my Republican friends detailing the corruption of Hillary Clinton and articles from my Democratic friends highlighting Donald Trump’s narcissism and temperament. Both groups often describe their support for their candidate merely by describing the shortcomings of their choices’ opponent, and there are plenty from which to choose. I've heard the majority of my friends and colleagues describe this election as "choosing between the lesser of two evils."

Additionally, a growing number of my friends have expressed their desire to take a stand against both of the current candidates and cast their vote for a third party candidate. They know that their candidate is not going to win, but they want to make a statement that we all deserve better candidates. I completely understand the sentiment. When faced with a choice between arrogance and entitlement, it’s natural to look for another option, maybe even a little humility.

In that spirit, I would like to officially offer my endorsement and support for a third party candidate that possesses more positive qualities than both major party candidates put together, the one and only Taylor Swift.

How about a candidate that could actually sing our national anthem?

How about a candidate that could actually sing our national anthem?

Last year, i attended Taylor’s 1989 tour in Atlanta, Ga with my two daughters, and was absolutely blown away by her performance and entire organization. I wrote a blog about the experience highlighting 10 ways we could all emulate Taylor’s best practices in our own businesses. I think it’s time Taylor brought her talents to the Oval office.

Backstage at the 1989 World Tour in Atlanta, Ga this time last year.

Backstage at the 1989 World Tour in Atlanta, Ga this time last year.

Friends, I’m not just throwing out Taylor Swift as a “Mickey Mouse” write-in. I’ve given this some real thought. Drum roll please...

5 reasons to vote for Taylor Swift on November 8th.

1. Taylor Swift is a job creator and savvy business woman.

With a live band, dancers, touring crew, audio techs, lighting engineers, video operators, caterers, merchandisers, bus drivers, truck drivers, and a management team, Taylor Swift, Inc. is big business. When Taylor Swift goes on tour, she employs dozens and dozens of people full-time and dozens and dozens more in every city she visits. I’ve never seen a single story of Taylor Swift stiffing a vendor either. Also, she is a homeowner multiple times over. One of the biggest problems facing our nation is our mounting national debt. Taylor Swift buys her homes in cash and is reportedly worth over $250 Million

Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home. (Bought and Paid for with cash!)

Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home. (Bought and Paid for with cash!)

2. Taylor Swift is extremely charitable.

One of the reasons candidates release their tax returns (or used to) is so that voters can get an idea of just how and where they donate to charity, a strong reflection on the candidate’s values. While the Clinton Foundation has been accepting questionable donations and the Trump Foundation was buying portraits of its namesake, Taylor Swift has been steadily, quietly supporting worthy causes around the world. In fact, she was named the world’s most charitable celebrity for the fourth year in a row earlier this year.

Just a few of the charities Taylor Swift has supported

Just a few of the charities Taylor Swift has supported

3. Taylor Swift understands technology and social media.

As I write this, the FBI is re-opening its investigation into Clinton’s emails all resulting from a private email server. There’s been hundreds of hours of debating her misuse of technology. I’m most disturbed that HRC hadn’t moved her email to the cloud! Hello. I don’t trust anyone who’s still using a server. Also, Donald Trump has shown over and over and over again that he just doesn’t know how to use social media correctly. 3 AM tweets encouraging audience to watch sex tapes… not so presidential. Taylor Swift is a master of technology and social media. She is a social media maven that uses online platforms for good. She knows how to market to and motivate her tribe. She doesn’t use twitter to bully women, but rather to encourage and inspire her army of fans. She’s even developing her own Taylor Swift game, which is sure to make millions.

4. Taylor Swift Knows How to Be A Brand Ambassador

When you really think about the presidency, it comes down to two different functions: CEO and CMO. Our leaders need to help lead a board of directors (cabinet) to make sound decisions for the policy of our nation, including military intervention, but also serves as the “public face” of the country. Just as much as the president needs to be a leader, they are also a symbol of American values to the rest of the world. Taylor knows how to represent a brand. With endorsements from Diet Coke, Xfinity, AT&T, and Subway, just to name a few, Taylor knows how to represent a brand and has not tarnished a single one of them. When it comes to representing brand USA, who can we really trust?

5. Taylor Swift Is A Millennial

I know that some will use this point as a disqualification because of the “constitutional requirement”  that a candidate be at least 35 years of age. However, both the Republican and Democratic candidates overlook the parts of the constitution that they find inconvenient. So, can’t we just make an exception? I actually think Taylor’s youth is a huge strength. With millennials now composing the majority of the work force, shouldn’t they have a larger say in our leadership and the future of social security?

Don't let this fun video created for Catalyst 2016 fool you, many millennials are no longer living with their parents!

Considering they will be the ones asked to go fight in the inevitable foreign conflicts either mainstream candidate is likely to entangle us, shouldn’t they have a seat at the table of where we’ll deploy our armed forces? Unlike the boomers and Gen Xers of both parties that waste hours of time screaming to bring back manufacturing jobs from China that are never coming back, millennials understand that their career opportunities are dependent on education, an understanding of technology, and innovation.

It’s an innovation economy. Who better than a songwriter to lead it? She takes an idea in her head and turns it into a melody and lyric to which the whole world sings along. Don't we want a leader that can get us all on the same page? I don't think we'd have to worry about foreign leaders like Putin having undue influence either, they'd all be lining up for her autograph. 

This article is obviously tongue in cheek written to hopefully lighten your mood in this contentious political climate. However, when it’s time to pick a president in 2020, can we all agree that some real business sense, a charitable spirit, an understanding of technology, the ability to represent us all and passion for our current future generations should be a job prerequisite?