Are We Electing A Leader Worth Following?

By Tai Anderson, October 11, 2016

I don't just kick out blogs and podcasts all day. I have a day job too. I work for Leadercast.

At Leadercast, we exist to help people become leaders worth following. Whether at our live events or through our digital platform, we purpose to help you not just advance in your career, but become the kind of leader that those in your sphere of influence are eager to trust and follow. 

Our world is facing serious challenges. So many of those challenges boil down to a common denominator; a vacuum in leadership. We seek to fill that vacuum with the wisdom, insights and applications we learn from leaders worth following from every sector of society. We believe that as each of us emulate these best practices from leaders worth following, we will become leaders worth following ourselves.

Currently, the United States is conducting an extended job interview for its Chief Executive Officer, the President of the United States. Through the democratic process, the American people have narrowed down the pool of candidates to two choices, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, third-party candidates aside. Many people often lament this choice as deciding between the “lesser of two evils.” 

The campaigns have embraced a decidedly negative tone. However, for the very last question at the most recent debate, each candidate was asked to describe a quality they admired in his/her opponent. Hillary Clinton described the qualities of Trump’s children and Donald Trump described Hillary Clinton’s fortitude in “not giving up.” It was the one question in the night when neither candidate was eager to go over their allotted time.

When Leadercast helps develop better leaders we utilize a simple formula:

Leader Worth Following=

Values + Behaviors.

We believe that leaders should think and behave differently. A Leader Worth Following embodies a foundation of core values. In addition, they actively demonstrate key leadership behaviors. It is this combination that produces actions that lead to longstanding results and relationships. Our list is certainly not exhaustive. However, we sincerely believe that they are the key ingredients required to truly be a leader worth following.

Our Values:
Integrity, Authenticity, People-First, Excellence and Discipline

Our Behaviors:
Bravery, Beyond You, Vision, Culture, Simplicity, Creativity and Insight

I have a challenging exercise for you: Can you positively evaluate the candidate you’re supporting in relationship to these values and behaviors, or can you only express your support for your candidate by describing the shortcomings you see in the opposing candidate? 

In less than a month, the United States of America will elect its new leader. Will it be a leader worth following?